Revolutionizing Retail: The Sustainable Mega Image Băneasa Experience

The Mega Image Băneasa project stands as a testament to iMMo Invest’s capability to innovate within the urban retail sector. Our goal was to craft more than a mere shopping point; we envisioned a holistic retail environment that resonates with the dynamic necessities of today’s consumers.

Sustainability played a pivotal role in the architectural and operational planning of the Mega Image facility. The infrastructure integrates energy-saving systems and eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship. In addition to offering a wide selection of merchandise, the store incorporates community areas and champions locally-sourced products, enhancing community involvement and support for local economies.

We are excited to unveil the latest addition to the Mega Image family at Bd. Aerogării 38, Bucharest. This new flagship store, which opened its doors to the Băneasa community on 2014, represents a significant milestone in our continuous commitment to delivering superior and convenient shopping experiences throughout Romania. The Băneasa location offers an extensive selection of products tailored to cater to the eclectic tastes and needs of the local residents.

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