Project Overview and Details

The Nord City Tower building offers a total leasable area of 9,693 square meters, dedicated to office spaces, spread across the ground floor and 10 upper levels.

The infrastructure developed in recent years ensures good access to the city center. The nearest metro station is “Aurel Vlaicu,” at a distance of approximately a 10-minute walk. The area is a developing business center, with facilities and amenities available on the ground floors of buildings situated in the immediate vicinity. Nearby, there are also a number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers.

Concept and design

The property benefits from abundant natural light, with a fully glass facade along its two long sides (East and West). The spaces are arranged around a central core that allows vertical circulation within the building.

Dual-Level Blueprint Sketch

Discover the fascinating details of this architectural project in the detailed sketch showcasing two floors. Every line and contour reflects the attention to detail and meticulous planning that underpins this impressive design. From the layout of rooms to the optimal flow of circulation, this sketch provides a captivating glimpse into how each aspect of the architecture has been carefully studied to create an elegant and functional space. Explore each element and be inspired by the ingenuity and beauty of this project.

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